A Few Tricks To Save On Household Expenses

Household expenses have a special charm. They are among the first things we look at when it’s time to cut costs at home. What happens is that we don’t always do it with the right approach.

The reason is that there are some actions that will allow you to really save and others that will make you spend time and energy, but that will not leave you two euros more in your account at the end of the month.

By default, it is easy to unconsciously end up choosing the latter, the less efficient ones, over the former.

Get the contracted power right

There are few things that will help you save more on your electricity bill than contracting the power you need and no more. The contracted power measures the amount of energy you can spend at any given time. In other words, the number of appliances you can connect at the same time before the automatic switch on.

The good thing is that to lower the power of your house you will not need to do anything more than give the order to your company and you will already be saving every month.

Take advantage of curtains and carpets.

Redecorate your life and reduce your heating bill by 25% at the same time. Windows and floors are two escape routes for heat (and windows for cold in summer). A relatively thick curtain will help prevent leaks, as will a thick carpet. In this sense, it doesn’t even need to be a large carpet. To conserve heat, it’s not so much the material that counts as the thickness and the cushioning underneath.

In summer, those same curtains will serve to keep the house cool by keeping the sun out and the heat in.

Adjust the temperature of the refrigerator

It is estimated that the refrigerator can account for 30% of the electricity bill. It is easy to keep this expense at bay by adjusting the thermostat temperature to between 6ºC and 7ºC on the refrigerator side and between -15ºC and -17ºC for the freezer side. Every time you raise the temperature by one degree, the consumption will increase by 5%.

In addition, there are other little tricks that will also help you, such as not putting hot food in the refrigerator or defrosting food a day before inside the appliance itself.

If you only browse, you may not need 300 MB

Most companies will steer you towards the tariff with the most power and also the most expensive.

But just as you wouldn’t spend money on a Ferrari to get from home to the grocery store, you shouldn’t spend money on the Internet either.

Analyze how you use the Internet and online TV. Generally speaking, if you do not watch TV over the Internet or play online games, download movies or series compulsively, watch movies in streaming or have 20 devices connected at the same time, 30 MB of speed are more than enough. Besides, think that you can always increase the speed if you need to.

This same mentality is the one you should apply to soccer, series and other offers related to home entertainment. Stop and think about how much you take advantage of all these services you have contracted and how important they are for you because they are a huge source of expenditure.

And if you want to find the best deal for your needs, don’t waste time going company by company. Start with a good comparator like Ysi that offers you different options according to your needs.

Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past. In fact, they are no longer manufactured because of their high consumption. If you still use them, switch to LEDs and you can save 200 per year according to our calculations.

The cost of switching to LED for 10 bulbs is about 200 dollars, so you will have amortized the investment in a year.

The list method

When shopping, don’t get complicated. There is one trick that really works and will make all the difference: the list method.

To this tool you can add little tricks such as never go to the supermarket hungry, always look at the price per kilo or unit of food or do the shopping online to avoid falling into the traps of supermarkets.

These are just a few proven ways to save money each month. If you need personalized help, all you have to do is get in touch.


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